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The Adventures of Kakeru and co. at Mikkakan 2001!

Well here is the report for the con I've been yaking about for the past three weeks-finally.
June 15th. 11:30 A.M.- Day 1
Upon arriving at the Radisson hotel in Merrimack NH, my friend as Wolfwood and I headed inside to register due to the fact we had been too lazy to do so earlier. It was only around 15-20 double dollars anyway.
There were a lot more people there than I had thought to be as a matter of fact, around 200 to 250 for Saturday! It turned out I was the only Vash and there were about 3 Wolfwoods including my friend.
The most packed part of the con was the dealers room (surprise, surprise). And I entered with a huge glomping from a very pleased Vash fan. I ended buying a lot for my first day, leaving me with only $$25 for tommorow from $$200 to begin with!
Well I bought a very nice Fushigi Yuugi wallscroll with the first of it and about five videos ranging from Kenshin to Cowboy Bebop and some really good FF9 artwork! I made out pretty well for my first day.
There were 3 thatres showing Slayers Try,Evangelion, Trigun, Love Hina, and Child's Toy (Very funny and only in fansubbed, I recommend!) After meeting up with my friend I met online, we hopped around with all three. The two I hadn't seen were Love Hina and Child's Toy, they're very good and have a tendency to lower your IQ, I've noticed.

After a Burger King break in which I was too psyched to eat anything we headed back to my friend's car, I was very worried about leaving my wonderful bishounen in the 90 degree vehicle! And I had to wait for my eyes to adjust from the flashes of all the pictures people had taken of us. But I'd have to say, it is fun.
After a few more movies in the theatres, it was time for the costume contest! And regreting it now, lazy me was too stupid and didn't enter.
There were cosplayers ranging from Super SailorMoon to Ryo-Okhi. And within the different catogories were song and dance, short phrases, and skits. Among which was a very nicely done Kenshin fight, SailorMoon Japanese quote, and waltz by a couple from...damn, I forgot the name of the anime-I'll get back to you!
I must say I enjoyed it despite the fact we were cramped in a very tiny room at a sweltering 95 degrees!
We ended the night with a little Kenshin marathon and outside around 2:30 A.M., we ran into thug #1 from the Kenshin fight who gave us a few pointers on Kendo lessons and how he came to learning them. He actually picked up most of it from just watching Kenshin!
Our ride came and I fell asleep on the way back.

June 16th. 11:30 A.M.-Day 2
Well not much on the second day, usually just clean-up ans your last chance at the deslers room, and actually a few movies showing.
I used the last of my money on some Fushigi Yuugi, X, and Magic Knight Rayearth. But the difference is we had to leave at 2:00 in the afternoon. I came as Vash again the second along with Wolfwood and Vanessa as Flute from the Violenist of Hamilton.
The second day Trigun, Kenshin and Slayers were showing in the theatres and due to Karaoke next door I had a bit of a hard time listening, although that's just my luck. -o-;.
Overall, it was a fun experience and I'm glad I spent $$200 on it!= Not bad for my first con!


Me and a Wolfwood I met at the con, he was very nice and let me take a few pics together!

(From left) Vanessa, me, and Kathy

Me and my friends as Lina, Vash, and Wolfwood. I personally think I look like an idiot in this one.

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